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Why is Annular Cutter easier to drill than twist bit?

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Annular Cutter also known as Annular Drill as hollow bit ,Its drilling speed is 8-10 times that of twist bit。

TCT annular cutter

Annular Cutters have a hollow center so the cutting is spread out all along the rim of this bit. With these cutters, less metal is actually being cut and the cutting is more spread out. This is why annular cutters make holes with less effort and collateral damage than a traditional bit. 

The Annular Cutte (hollow drill bit) has six cutting edges, which are composed of three combined internal and external edges. The six combined edges are composed of two external edges, two middle edges and two internal edges. In the cutting process, each cutting edge only bears about 1 / 3 of the workload. In addition, there are also cutting tools inside each cutting edge, each edge bears a part of the cutting work, so the chip removal is very smooth during the cutting work, and the drill is not easy to produce the phenomenon of edge collapse。

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