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Why do automatic lathes use left drills for drilling?

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 Automatic lathe is a high efficiency, high precision, low noise feed type machine tool. It is an automatic processing machine tool that controls the processing program through a cam. Suitable for copper, aluminum, iron, plastic and other precision parts processing and manufacturing. 

The price  low, and it is widely used in multi-station mechanical processing such as drilling, tapping, sleeving, chamfering, cutting, grooving, etc. of metal fittings such as electrical appliances, electronics, hardware, clocks and watches. 

The left drill is usually used in automatic lathe drilling for the following reasons: left drill

Tapping can be carried out immediately after drilling without returning the tap to improve the processing efficiency.

 If only drilling work does not tap, the automatic lathe can also use right drill. Another reason is that the left drill groove is good, chip removal is smooth and cutting speed is fast. The above technical information of automatic lathe drilling and tapping | left drill | problem solving method is originally provided by Changzhou Yin Hua Tools Co., Ltd. If you have any questions about using, purchasing or exploring left drill, please contact the company further so that you can obtain more technical and service support.

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