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The skill of improving the service life of cemented carbide drill

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During the production and manufacture of cemented Carbide drill , the main cutting edge of the bit will produce many burrs, so the burrs are fine. Under a hundred times microscope, the cutting edge of the bit will be serrated. If not removed, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of jumping edge falling off in the drilling work, and then the cutting edge begins to fall off. This gap will aggravate the wear during the cutting and seriously reduce the service life of the tool. Now there is a perfect way to solve this problem, that is to passivate the Carbide drill  . The passivation of the main cutting edge makes the cutting edge form an arc shape, reduces the jumping edge of the drill bit, and improves the surface quality of the workpiece after drilling.

Passivation treatment is also called strengthening treatment. After this process, the front edge of the cemented carbide bit will form a very small R arc, which will disperse the cutting resistance and eliminate some fine serrations on the edge and ligament, thus enhancing the rigidity of the edge.

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