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How to choose and buy annular cutter?

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Annular cutter also  known as Steel Plate drill/also known as hollow drill, hollow drill as the name means no core drill, according to the results of cutting tools called by the name. As a cutting tool, people have been using the twist drill for more than 100 years. Because the core of the twist drill is completely at a negative cutting angle, the cutting resistance is very high, therefore, 50%-60% of the cutting force of the twist drill is due to the core of the drill. In addition to the factors just now, so the twist drill can not do very big, processing deeper and larger hole must start from drilling small hole step by step expansion until the reaming size to meet the requirements.

Annular cutter(STEEL PLATE HOLLOW BIT) classification: High Speed Steel bits, carbide bits, 

Tungsten Steel bits; cutting depth: 25; 35,50,75,100. 

Specifications: 12MM TO 100MM。

Material: high-speed Steel; high-speed Cobalt Class; cemented carbide class

Annular cutter Shank:One touch shank, Weldon shank, Fein quick in shank, Fein thread shank

application scope: magnetic drill / magnetic base drill / drill / Lathe / Milling Machine, full range of types and specifications, applicable to all kinds of imported magnetic base drill (magnetic drill) and general drilling machine, milling machine, boring machine and so on. When the steel plate drill hollow bit is used with the magnetic base drill, the central thimble must be installed.

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