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Automatic Lathe bit cemented Carbide left-hand drill and HSS Steel left-hand drill how to choose?

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In the automatic lathe processing industry, many automatic lathe bosses and masters must know more about the selection of drill bits, the choice of the two most commonly used drill cemented Carbide left-hand drill and HSS steel left-hand drill is often somewhat hesitant. The following is a brief introduction。

 1. Choose to use cemented Carbide left-hand drill, the situation according to the material to be processed to choose, if it is processing stainless steel 316L, viscous high hardness of copper and other difficult-to-process materials, the hole depth is not too deep (within 20 mm is recommended) the preferred choice is suitable for the use of Carbide left-hand drill. 

 cemented Carbide left-hand drill

2. Choose to use the occasion of HSS Steel left-hand drill automatic lathe daily production of parts processed if the material is copper, iron and aluminum, titanium alloy, 45 # just, hole diameter is small, hole deeper occasion, choose hss left-hand drill. In order to obtain the effect of high efficiency, stability, fast and durable, hss left-hand drill bit should be made of high-speed cobalt steel, with wide spiral groove and good chip removal. 

HSS left-hand drill

3. cemented Carbide left-hand drill and hss left-hand drill features, cemented Carbide left-hand drill, the biggest feature is high hardness, wear-resistant, long service life, the disadvantage is brittle, easy to break. High-speed steel left-hand drill is characterized by good toughness, HIGH-COBALT M42 material manufacturing hss steel left-hand drill has a higher hardness, the use of appropriate cutting dosage and smaller hole diameter on the use of automatic lathe drilling more reliable. All these two kinds of left drills have their own characteristics and can be selected flexibly according to the situation. 

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